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On Tiny Homes, Photos & Storage


On Friday, Logan and I are driving to Portland, OR for a tiny house conference. I'm looking forward to the conference for a variety of reasons. Logan and I are speaking at the event, and it will be fun to connect with attendees. In my experience, conferences can be empowering and offer opportunities to connect deeply with like-minded people. I'm looking forward to learning and connecting with fellow tiny housers. If you are attending the conference and see me, please say hi; I'd love to meet you in person.

In other news, I redesigned my tiny house photo gallery. You can view the new layout here and let me know what you think.

And last but not least, the weekend after we get back from Portland we will move out of our winter cottage rental and back into our tiny house. Thankfully, we found a new home for the belongings we acquired this winter, and our debate over storage is a moot point. Here’s what happened…

A family member recently moved into a new place, and I asked her if she needed some extra stuff. She said yes, so we gave her our double bed and extra sheets. I didn't want the extra mattress sitting in a storage unit collecting dust or having mice chew through the mattress. Giving the bed to a person who will use it felt awesome!

Also, I took a box of plates, mugs, and glasses to a local thrift store. And, we put a free sign on our coffee table and tiny dresser and put them in front of our house. The stuff was gone within a few hours! Letting go of extra stuff feels so good.

We are keeping a few of the belongings we acquired for the winter cottage, including two used IKEA POÄNG chairs, a few folding chairs, and our old table. These things are easy to break down, and we can stash them in my in-laws garage. Plus, we are planning on putting our new queen bed into the tiny house loft.

I'll write an essay about reintegrating ourselves and the cats into the tiny house soon. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to declutter your own space, and let go of stuff you no longer need.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Give away extra coffee mugs, teacups, wine glasses, and water glasses to a thrift store.
  1. Donate clothes you no longer wear to a thrift store.
  1. Donate old gadgets to an organization like FreeGeek.

Good luck and have fun!

Be well,


P. S. In May, I’m teaching my photography e-course again. You can sign up and read the updated course description here. I hope you’ll join us for the next session!

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