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Our Tiny House Field Trip


Last weekend, Logan and I spoke at the Tiny House Conference in Portland, Oregon. The conference was held at the Holiday Inn by the Portland airport. The location wasn't near the city center, but bus service was close to the hotel. After a 6-hour drive to Portland, we didn't want to get back into the car and drive to the speakers dinner on Friday night. So we took the bus to dinner. We connected with fellow speakers, conference staff, volunteers, and then we took the bus back to the hotel.

During the conference, we had fun connecting with authors, photographers, friends, and tiny house enthusiasts. Our presentations were well attended and we did our best to answer questions about living small and simply. The conference was inspirational and we're excited to move back to our little house this weekend!

We ended the trip with an overnight Airbnb stay at the Little Green House off Mississippi. The little house was roughly 200 square feet, and it was comfortable, cozy, and close to restaurants and cafes. We were amazed by the growth that is happening in Portland. There are new condos, apartments, restaurants, and transit projects being developed throughout the city. So much has changed since we moved away in 2012.

Everything in life changes, and it's a point Logan and I tried to emphasize in our presentation and conversations at the tiny house conference. In my experience, the beauty of living simply is being able to adapt to inevitable life changes.

Enjoy today’s photo round-up!

On Moving Back to the Tiny House

On Moving Back to the Tiny House

"Zen Habits: Mastering the Art of Change"