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Happy Links: Tammy’s Little Letter + Link Love

{Every Friday, I share a round-up of happy links because these resources have inspired me to make positive changes in my life. I hope they motivate and inspire you, too! Enjoy.}

Last year, I received lots of requests to run my online courses more often and to start a newsletter—and this year I’m doing both!

My newsletter, Tammy’s Little Letter, is slightly different from my blog. It’s like having a conversation in my living room or receiving a snail mail letter from me. It serves as a way to share my writing, photos, and business projects, and it’s a wonderful way to connect with you! I share my little letters a few times each month (sometimes more, sometimes less).

If you’re reading this note via email—and haven’t been getting my little letter—please update your profile. Scroll down to the bottom of this email, and click “update profile.” You can update your email address, name, subscription options, and more at the bottom of this message.

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Now onto this week’s happy links ...

I love Alison Turner's Instagram feed, and her recent essay, "Letting Go of Things," was powerful. Thanks for directing me to this article, Shanna!

A beautiful post by Pam Slim: "How to take the unthinkable step, even when you are afraid."

I’m savoring Leo’s beautiful book, and I’m incorporating his suggestions into my journaling practice. Also, I’m reading Can’t we walkabout something more pleasant?: A Memoir by Roz Chast. It’s incredible!

So good: “Lessons Learned from Nine Years of Blogging” & “How to Plan a Move Across the World.”

Instagram is my favorite social media site. My latest Instagram crushes include: @designseeds@tinyhousegiantjourney, @brooke_weeber, and @lisacongdon.

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