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Happy Links: From Secrets to Sketches

{Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

It’s the last day to register for my photography course, “Everyday Magic: How to Capture Creative Images with Your Camera.” I hope you’ll join us for the March 2015 session! If you know someone who could benefit from my photography course, please send them to rowdykittens.com. Thank you!

Now onto this week's happy links ...

My sister-in-law Tina wrote a beautiful post about memories, loss, and stories.

Earlier this week, I listened to an interview with Christopher Carson Smith. It's about Christopher's experience building a tiny house on wheels and his film Tiny: A Story About Living Small.

Daily photography projects are fun, and this project made me smile (via Karen).

If you are struggling with information overload, read: “An Addict’s Guide to Overcoming the Distraction Habit & "3 Vital Steps to Conquer Information Overload."

Krista Tippet's interview with Helen Fisher was fascinating. It's about love, sex, and attachment.

So good: "Game-changing decisions. The Top 5 things to know about B-School."

Julie's sketches are beautiful!

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