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On Creative Rituals


{Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

Last weekend, I finished reading "Process" by Sarah Stoda. I love learning how authors structure their days and Stoda’s book was fascinating and informative. Glimpsing into the lives of fellow writers and reading about their creative rituals is encouraging, especially when I feel insecure about how much I write, what I’m writing, and everything in-between.

Also, Stoda’s book inspired me to create a new posting schedule. I want to keep RowdyKittens fresh and fun, and for me, sticking to a posting schedule is one way to do so.

After I finished “Process,” I surfed the Internet searching for a few good books. After reading Chris Guillebeau’s recent post, I bought "Scary Close" by Donald Miller. In addition, Amanda Sandlin recommended "Love Does" by Bob Goff on Instagram and I decided to purchase it.

Both books are linked in an interesting way. The introduction to Donald Miller’s book was written by Bob Goff, author of "Love Does,” and the introduction to Goff’s book was written by Miller author of “Scary Close.” Serendipitous connections make me smile.

Now onto this week's happy links ...

Read “Create Your Own Kindle Ebook” by Chris O’Byrne. It's a powerful and helpful book.

Apple is saying goodbye to iPhoto.

My brother-in-law refreshed his website and it looks awesome!

Behind the scenes of The Sunday Dispatches” was an intriguing essay.

YES to this: "My study of thriving."

Check out Michelle’s beautiful 2015 planners.

Two ways to build customer trust without offering refunds.

I’m obsessed with Dear Sugar Radio because it's real and honest.

What are you reading? Share your recommendations in the comments section.

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