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The Good Life

{Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

Over the last three weeks, I gave myself permission to work less, blog less, and do less. Instead, I practiced self-care and I'm finally feeling better. I can even drink coffee again, which makes me happy!

Battling my cold/bronchitis/virus invasion was epic. I’m rarely sick and the experience caused me to renew my commitment to self-care. I'm grateful to have my energy back and I'm looking forward to sharing my creative work with you this year. Life is good!

Now onto this week's happy links ...

If you enjoy podcasts, check out "The Good Life Project." Jonathan Fields's recent interview with Terri Cole was powerful and inspiring.

My friend Tyler is an awesome writer! I loved his latest article, "The Busywork Curve: A Lesson On Mindfulness From My Washing Machine."

Self-compassion Saturday: the e-book!

A fantastic essay on taking a break from the Internet: "A social sabbatical."

On letting kids read what they enjoy. So good!

The Case for Boredom: All that time on your smartphone may come at a cost.

In reading "The Miracle Morning" and loving it!

Dee is focusing on gratitude this year, too!

What are you reading? Share your recommendations in the comments section.

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