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Happy Links: From She Explores to A Simple Year


{Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

I'm loving the She Explores website, especially the interview section. I enjoyed reading Lost in Travels and Alison Travels.

Lovely letter writing ideas here.

I want to order Jotter notebooks for my journal.

Beautiful photos by Amanda: Climbing, coffee & pine cones.

Smarts from Tina: "I have training as a counselor and I became very self-conscious of the image I was projecting out. I’m not a pretender. I like to be honest with how I feel, so it was important to me to not have the Karma for the day be a sugar coated version of my life. Being positive does not mean being fake.” Read the full post here.

100 days of good karma continues!

I enjoyed this interview with Arianna Huffington.

More good reads: Create an idea index / Trail Therapy / Simple moments make a simple life.

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