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On Tiny Homes & The Question of Forever


Since we moved into our tiny house, I've tried to be honest about the benefits and challenges of living in such a wee abode on wheels. However, I become concerned when I receive emails and comments from folks who assume my life is perfect or that buying a tiny house has solved all my problems. Both are false assumptions. My life isn't perfect and buying a little house didn't magically make my worries disappear. As I've said in my book, and in prior blog posts, our tiny house is an experiment in living simply.

The ability to voluntarily simplify my life and choose what type of home I reside in is a privilege. Most people around the world don't have that kind of opportunity. Housing is a basic need and it's extremely important.

However, a house won't reassure you when you feel alone, a house won't take care of your injured body or help you heal from grief, and a house certainly won't protect you from a wildfire. Those needs can be met through your core relationships, your larger community, and the relationship you have with yourself.

If you are thinking of buying a tiny house on wheels, do your research. Contact a respected tiny house designer and builder, talk to your local planning department, discuss your options with trusted friends and family members, and finally don't purchase a house — of any size — on impulse.

Living in our tiny house has been a wonderful adventure and I’m happy we bought our wee abode. We don’t have immediate plans to upsize, but I don't know if we will live in the space forever. Life is uncertain and it is never static. Regardless of how my life will change in the future, I will continue to experiment with living simply. I’ve learned that there are many ways to live simply, even without a tiny house on wheels.

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