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On Fires & Uncertainty

Over the last month, wildfires have been burning throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California. At one point, there were over 25 wildfires burning in Siskiyou County (where Logan and I live). I'm grateful for the firefighters and emergency personnel who have worked hard to keep our communities safe. However, these fires make me feel sad; sad for the families who lost their homes and sad for the scorched landscape.

Also, the wildfires and evacuation advisories made me think about what I would take with me if I had to leave our house very quickly.

If we had to evacuate, I would do the following:

  • Make sure Logan & my in-laws are safe.
  • Round-up the cats & put them in their carriers.
  • Help prepare ranch animals for safe transport.
  • Get emergency backpack & put it in the car.
  • Grab cell phone, cash, car keys & water.
  • Unplug the tiny house from the grid.

I don't know if we would take the tiny house with us, if we had to evacuate. It would depend on the circumstance. If we felt threatened we would leave the property immediately.

Life is uncertain and it can change in an instant. I’ve learned that lesson manytimes over the last few years. It’s tempting to think of my reality in a forever frame of mind and that I have control over every aspect of my life. Yet, I don’t have as much control as I’d like to imagine.

For instance, mother nature supersedes my will. I don't have control over the weather and that was evident as I wrote this essay, last week. I was sitting on my front porch, typing, and every few minutes I’d look at the landscape. Huge black clouds creeped into the foothills, thunder started to roll, and I saw lightening flash in the hills. Nature is powerful and in its wake I can only be aware and prepared.

For additional information on preparing your home for an evacuation visit the Ready Set Go website.

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