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Happy Links: From The August Break to Enjoy Magazine


{Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

Lately, I haven’t been sharing many written essays with you. However, I’m still writing my heart out. My writing energy has been focused on a new e-course! My goal is to finish creating the course by the end of August and to open registration in the fall. I am doing my best to make that happen! Thank you for your constant encouragement!

Also, I’m participating in The August Break this year. The project was started by Susannah Conway in 2010 because she needed a break from blogging. You can join the photography project and sign-up for the daily emails here. I wrote a couple of prompts for the project this year. It should be fun!

Finally, my photography e-course is open for registration. The class begins on August 11th! I’m so excited to teach the late summer session. Details here.

Now onto this week’s happy links …

I loved these podcasts: The Everyday Art of Listening / From Zero to Flourishing / How Creative People Get it Done.

I adore Courtney Carver's writing and could fill each of my link round-ups with her posts. This article — The Tiny Action for Big Connection — was sweet and short.

Awesome reads: A Day of Rest / Beauty in repetition.

The latest issue of Tiny House Magazine is out. Learn more here.

I had a fun conversation with Scott, from Far Out Radio, earlier this week. You can listen to the interview here.

I'm excited that our story is in "Enjoy Magazine" this month! You can see all the photos and read the story on Issuu. Alternatively, you can read the the article on the Enjoy Magazine website or pick up a print copy.

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