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The August Break


{Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

My sister-in-law, Tina, wrote a beautiful essay called "Memories Do Not Burn." I hope you will participate in 100 Days of Good Karma. More details here.

Typically, I’m not a fan of beauty posts, but this article is awesome: “Skin, joy, boobs, and the right hair colour: My random & rarely dispensed beauty notes.”

Pack like the minimalists was a sweet video. I have a similar packing style. Although, I don’t use a duffle bag. I have a small backpack that I adore. Yay for packing light!

All good reads: What I thought I wanted / The reboot / 10 Ways to Savor a Slice of Simplicity.

Are smart phones changing professional photography?

I’m so excited to be part of The August Break!

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