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How I Use My Journals (The 2014 Edition)


For the last few years, I used a Moleskine Journal to capture my thoughts. I wrote to-do lists, blog posts, gratitude lists, and more in my sole journal. If I needed to revisit an entry, I would dog-ear a page or use a sticky note to mark a section. Prior to using Moleskines exlusively, I carried around multiple journals and each one had it’s own theme. That didn’t work for me because I kept misplacing notebooks. Carrying my Moleskine was preferable because it fit in my purse.

After shredding my old journals, last month, I wanted to try something new. Rather than keeping all my thoughts in one notebook, I decided to try a Midori Traveler’s Notebook (Passport Size). For me, the Midori is more than a notebook. I see it as an organizational system for multiple journals. The system centers around one leather cover and multiple bands that hold several notebooks in place. It’s a slick system! Now my art journal, gratitude journal, and my journal for daily thoughts and lists are all in one spot. Plus, they are cleanly organized.


In addition to my Midori, I have a gardening journal and the Desire Map Daily Planner. Both of these notebooks hang out on a bookshelf because I don’t use them everyday. They serve their purpose for planning and gardening notes. However, I’m thinking about using my Midori for both of those themes.


If you want to begin a journaling practice, give the following tips a try ...

1. Find a journal you love. Over the years, I've tried out dozens of journals; journals that were insanely expensive and others that were found at the Dollar Tree. If I like the feel of the paper — and if the journal fits in my pursue — I will write in it and love it!

2. Look for inspiration and encouragement online, in books, or in magazines. A few of my favorite sources of inspiration are listed below:

  • Seaweed Kisses — a sweet blog by Michelle Marie — is full of beautiful images and helpful posts.
  • Journal Your Life” is a lovely e-course taught by Susannah Conway. I also adore Susannah’s blog and Instagram feed. Like Michelle’s site, it’s filled with awesome tips and tools.

3. Journaling is a personal and private activity, so don’t worry about grammar or being neat. Write, draw, or make lists of the people, places, and events that inspire you.


I'd love to hear from you! Do you journal? Share your story and thoughts in the comments section.

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