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A Photo Essay: The Butt Biter

I’ve been working, and goofing off, at my mom’s place for the last four days. Also, I helped my mom declutter a few areas in her home (more on that in a future essay) and I spent time with Henry! It’s been a fun trip. Logan drove from the ranch to my mom’s house on Sunday, to visit, and help with a few projects. We spent Sunday afternoon prepping her garden and Logan tried to start the rototiller. Henry isn’t a fan of loud noises and the rototiller wasn’t cooperating with Logan. It kept making very loud sputtering noises, which caused Henry to enter into crazy dog mode.

Before we knew, Henry was running across the yard toward Logan. I felt like everything was happening in slow motion. I tried to yell “no,” but nothing came out of my mouth. Then Henry bounced into the air and bit Logan’s butt. Logan yelped, started to yell at the dog, and we put Henry in doggy time out.

Everyone is okay. Also, Logan and Henry seem to be on speaking terms again. And, I can’t believe how things change. Once upon a time, I was terrified of Henry and now I love him (even when he bites my husband’s butt).

Enjoy the photos!


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