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On Daily Creative Rituals

Since I’m a worrier, it’s important for me to counteract my anxiety with daily creative rituals. My rituals keep me on track, motivated, and focused. They also help me operate from a place of gratitude, instead of worry.

No matter where I am in the world, the following activities are part of my day:

  • Once my coffee is done, I take a photo of My Morning View. Other than drinking my first cup of coffee, this is my favorite part of the morning.
  • Tarot cards might seem a little woo-woo, nevertheless I love The Wild Unknown deck and the accompanying guidebook. Each card is a piece of art and I love looking at them. Plus, the cards serve as writing prompts. After I pull a card, I read about it’s meaning in the guidebook. Then I write in my journal.
  • My intent is to walk 10,000 steps — about 4 miles — everyday. I don’t always reach that mark, however walking gets me out of the house and away from the computer. On good days, I take a walk in the late morning and again in the afternoon. When I feel stuck with a work project — or a personal dilemma — walking helps me clear my mind.

If you want to develop a daily creative ritual, below are three ideas to get you started:

1. Make a love list. Get out your journal and make a list of the activities you love to do. Then circle or highlight the activities that you are drawn too. Be sure to keep your list in a safe place, that way you can refer to it in the future.


2. Make time. Now that you’ve picked a few interests from your love list, make time to engage in those activities. I encourage folks who take my e-courses to track their time. It’s a great way to find openings in your daily life, to focus on creative projects, and rituals that make you happy.

3. Take action. Incorporating a ritual into your daily routine means you have to take action. If it isn’t fun, pick another activity. Your daily ritual should be helpful, not hurtful, and enable you get into your creative flow.

What would you add to the list? 

Be well,


P. S. My Morning View: An iPhone Photography Project about Gratitude, Grief & Good Coffee was released last week!

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My New Book is Out!

My New Book is Out!