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My New Book is Out!

My New Book is Out!

Last week, I traveled back home and I finally paged though a proof of My Morning View. I was thrilled to see it in print! The book looks lovely. From there, the awesome team at JETLAUNCH made a few changes to the book, uploaded it to amazon, and now it is available to buy! It’s surreal to send this book into the universe. When I started My Morning View photography series, I never imaged that I would turn it into a photography book. I’m grateful that friends and family encouraged me to pursue this project. I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to the team at JETLAUNCH. They made this book beautiful! Their expertise with editing, design, and independent publishing is invaluable.

I’m crazy excited to share this book with you. But I’m also a little sad. If my step-dad, Mahlon, were still alive I wouldn’t be writing this post, taking my daily photo, or sending this book out into the world. Words can’t express how much I miss Mahlon. I wish I could call him, hug him, and joke around with him at the tiny house. Mahlon can’t be here with us, but I hope he can see my little book from the sky.

Where to find "My Morning View"

Paperback: Amazon

Ebook: Kindle | PDF

Parting Words

If you have questions about the book, or want to say hello, leave a comment below.

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