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Simplifying, Prioritizing And Smart-Sizing


Yesterday, I was interviewed by Judith Siers-Poisson on Wisconsin Public Radio. I was nervous about the interview, but it turned out to be fun. We talked about simplifying, prioritizing what matters, and smart-sizing! You can listen to the segment by clicking here.

Also, the second round of registration for A Simple Year is open! A Simple Year was designed to help simplify your life. In this e-course, you’ll learn something new each month and focus on what matters most with a simplicity author that specializes in topics like travel, food, money, relationships and work.

Each month you’ll receive articles and information about a specific topic along with a live component like a webinar or tele-seminar where you can connect with the author, ask questions and meet other people on a similar path. The live components will be recorded and provided so you can view anytime.

Here is a quick list of the topics and contributors:

  • January: Clutter with Joshua Becker
  • February: Busyness with Courtney Carver
  • March: Travel with Colin Wright
  • April: Kitchen with Jules Clancy
  • May: Digital with Tammy Strobel
  • June: Work with Courtney Carver
  • July: Money with Joshua Becker
  • August: Stay Simple with Brooke McAlaray
  • September: Challenge with The Minimalists
  • October: Food with Jules Clancy
  • November: Relationships with Tammy Strobel
  • December: Holidays with The Minimalists

I look forward to starting a simple year with you!

Be well,


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