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I'm a writer, photographer, and cat lover. I'm also obsessed with CrossFit and coffee.

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Happy Links: From The Desire Map To Magic


{Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

Congratulations to Danielle LaPorte on the launch of her beautiful new site. I’m finally digging into The Desire Mapand it's changing my world!

Check out simpleyear.co. I'm really excited about this collaborative course!

4 secrets that can lead to self-acceptance.

The 2013 ultimate book list.

Everything that Remains looks like a good read. Read a fantastic book excerpt here.

The intentionalists gift guide.

The Year of Enough.

I’m digging Tyler Tervooren's RISKOLOGY rebranding.

Let’s make magic in 2014!

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A Photo Essay: Snow

A Photo Essay: The Sundial Bridge & Coffee