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Damn, it’s cold!


Today, Logan and I recorded a brief conversation about the cold weather we’ve experienced over the last week. Click here to listen to the audio.

If you can’t listen to the podcast, below is a summary of our conversation:

  • Over the last week, the temperature has been freezing and ranged between a low of −9 degrees and a high of 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • We ordered a new heater and it arrived after the temperatures started to drop. The first day we tried to use the heater, our community lost power, which is problematic because we use an electric heater. Thankfully, my in-laws (our awesome neighbors) let us warm our cold bodies by their wood stove.
  • I have a small winter wardrobe, which keeps me warm and cozy. I’ve written about my tiny wardrobe previously. The core items are the same. However, I’ve added two sweaters, two cardigans, one merino wool shirt, and additional socks to my core list.

I hope you are staying warm out there.

Be well,


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