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I’m a worrier. Are you?


Looking back, I understand why my mom encouraged me to lighten up and have fun; especially as a kid and teenager. I had a tendency to worry about everything, from my body-weight to my grades to everything in-between.

And, I still worry. I worry about money, my little business, my family and more. I’m a worrier and I don’t think that part of my personality will magically disappear. To ease my worries, I use simple strategies to keep things in perspective including:

Spending time outside, walking, taking photos and living in the present tense is the best way to keep my worries in check. For instance, last weekend I took a solo trip to Castle Lake and Lake Siskiyou. I spent the afternoon walking, taking photos and in complete awe of the fall colors. The leaves were a million shades of fall and the scenery was surreal.

Giving my brain downtime and projecting my focus outward is the best way to ease my worrying mind.

How do you manage your worries? Share your tips in the comments section.

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