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When the tiny house is too small . . .


Once in a while, small annoyances make my tiny house feel too small. For example, I can’t go to sleep when Logan stays up late reading. Or when I spread my work stuff across Logan’s office space and he gets irritated with me. Those are instances when I wish we lived in a small apartment, with extra space for an office and guests. When I start feeling like the tiny house is too tiny, it’s time to do one — or all — of these activities:

Going outside. Since I work from home, I have a tendency to get sucked into writing projects and forget to exercise. I’ve learned to make exercise a priority by going outside for a daily walk or bike ride. If I don’t take care of my body, I get cranky and the house feels way to small.

Taking a mini-adventure. Last week, I took a trip to Castle Lake, Lake Siskiyou and Mt. Shasta. I had fun exploring the lakes, hiking and taking photos. Both trips left me feeling refreshed and happy.

Modifying my daily routine. Since I own a car again, it’s much easier to go into town and work at a coffee shop. Last weekend reaffirmed why we decided to purchase a car. I had Sunday brunch with my in-laws, in Yreka, and by the time I got back to the ranch the wind was howling. The wind gusts, which were between 30-40 mph, were too strong to safely ride a bike. The tiny house was shaking and the tree beside our house was beating up the roof with it’s long branches. Our shoes even blew off the front porch and I had to chase after them in a nearby field! Cycling in strong winds isn’t fun and it’s nice to have a car to use in nasty weather. Plus, it gives me the ability to change up my routine.

Using the space I have more mindfully. The good and bad thing about the tiny house is that you have to put your stuff away. If you leave shoes, clothing, books, or other belongings lying around the house, the space begins to feel small and messy.

I’m incredibly grateful for my little house because it’s given me so many gifts, like new friendships and the opportunity to live in locations that wouldn’t be possible in a normal house or apartment. The house might feel too small sometimes, but it’s easy to remedy that feeling by using the tips above.

Do you live in a small space and does it ever feel too small? Share your “cabin-fever” story in the comments section.

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