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I'm a writer, photographer, and cat lover. I'm also obsessed with CrossFit and coffee.

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October Photography Project: Tiny Pleasures


When I opened Instagram this morning, I was surprised and thrilled to be mentioned by Flow Magazine! They said:

"Join us in our October Instagram project! There is much happiness to be found in little things (like mini coconut biscuits). Writer @rowdykittens calls them Tiny Pleasures. Inspired by her book ''You can buy happiness (and it's cheap)'' we decided to make October the month of Tiny pleasures. Join us by posting your tiny pleasures with hashtag #flowtinypleasures. Some of the pics we will feature in a future issue of Flow, with your IG-name."

I'm going to participate in this project. Are you?

Be well,


P. S. In the past, I've written and talked about tiny pleasures here and here. In addition, there is a whole chapter about this topic in my book.

Learn more about Flow Magazine here.

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