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I’m Tammy Strobel. Welcome to my digital home!

I’m an author, photographer, and cat lover.

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Magazines I Love & Other Goodies

{Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

Recently, I've been reading three awesome magazines . . .

Flow, Anthology and Cereal are beautiful publications. I love the layout, the essays, and the photography in each issue. I read plenty of online articles and my Kindle rocks. Although, I prefer reading print publications. I love the feel of paper in my hands and it’s delightful to spend time offline.

When I’m done reading a magazine (or book), I create a care-package and send it to a friend. Sharing inspiring reading material is so fun!

Now onto more happy links for the weekend . . .

Margaret Atwood: Alice Munro's road to Nobel literature prize was not easy.

A packing ninja reveals her secrets.

Three things I believe (about the future of publishing).


Chalk & chocolate: Gorgeous images from Cereal Magazine.

What I’ve learned about creating meaningful work.

A Photo Essay: Castle Lake & Beyond

A Photo Essay: Fall Colors