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Three Fun Updates: Travel, Moving & Everyday Magic


Today, I have three fun updates to share with you:

If you can't listen to the audio, below is a summary of what I discussed:

1. Our trip to the east coast was lovely, but it's good to be back home. I'm working on a wrap-up essay about the trip. However, I keep editing, deleting, and re-writing the article. Hopefully, it will be ready to share on the blog soon.

For more information about our trip east, check out these posts:

2. Last weekend, we went to Chico and met with our new neighbors. It was good to connect with them and we finally scheduled a moving date! We will be moving to Chico, with our tiny house in tow, on July 1st!

3. It's the last week to register for my photography mini-course, "Everyday Magic." The course is filling up quickly and I can't wait to get started! We will begin on Monday, July 1, 2013. For more details on the class, click here.

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East Coast Adventures

East Coast Adventures

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