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List Love: How I Prepare for a Tiny House Move


Our upcoming move — from Red Bluff to Chico — should be relatively easy. The drive is short and our new yard is big, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get the house into the space. However, moving a tiny house requires preparation. It usually takes us a few days to prepare for a tiny house move and then there is travel and set-up time as well. Simply hooking up the house and rolling into the sunset isn’t realistic. It’s important to prepare the house so that it’s safe on the highway.

Before we move the house, I always make a to-do list. Creating a list helps me stay organized and the process reduces my stress. Today, I thought it would be fun to share my tiny house moving list. As a side note, this list does not include the steps we took to find a parking space for the little house in Chico. The following list is specific to moving day:

1. Finish summer projects, which include staining the cork floor, making new steps for the front entrance, and staining the front porch.

2. Reassess belongings and donate extra stuff to Goodwill before moving day.

3. Put mason jars, books, electronics gadgets, kitchen ware, etc. into boxes or in a secure storage location within the tiny house.

4. Clean the cat carriers.

5. Clean the composting toilet and grey water container.

6. Make sure my mom’s FordF350 is filled with diesel before the tiny house is hooked up to the truck.

7. Set-up Mahlon’s old wheel chair ramp and roll the Powermover into the bed of the truck.

8. Put the bicycles, tiny deck, front door steps, and food storage containers into the truck bed.

9. Screw plywood on the windows facing the truck hitch.

10. Secure the kitchen cabinets and drawers with tape.

11. Take the AC unit out of window, wrap it in blankets and stow it under the bench.

12. Check the tire pressure on the truck and tiny house.

13. Hook-up the tiny house to the truck, test the brakes, and the lights.

14. Lock all doors and windows and don’t forget to close the loft window.

15. Put the cats into their carriers and into the cab of the truck.

I hope my tiny house moving list gives you a better idea of what we need to get done before we tow the house down the road. If you have additional questions, ask in the comments section.



P.S. Our move to Chico, CA is happening on Monday, July 1st. If you see us rolling down Highway 5, please wave or give us a thumbs up!

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