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Dispatches from Red Bluff: Travel Plans & Dreams


Temperatures in Red Bluff have been over 100 degrees this week and according to my Yahoo! weather app it will be 113 degrees on Saturday! I grew up in Red Bluff, but I forgot how HOT the valley is. I’m grateful that my mom has a pool. I’m grateful for our tiny air conditioner because it’s kept our little abode cool. And I’m grateful we are heading back to the ranch this weekend to house-sit. Hopefully, it will be cooler in Little Shasta.

Since the afternoons have been so bloody hot, I’ve been hiding out in the tiny house working, journaling, and reflecting. We are half-way through 2013 and it’s the perfect time to reflect on your goals and dreams. If you aren’t sure where to start here are a few ideas:

  • Conduct an annual review. Here’s how.
  • Turn off the computer and take a long walk.
  • Create space for some alone time and write in your journal.

Yesterday, I reviewed my 2013 goals and dreams. And, I’m on the right track! I’m focusing on what matters to me like writing, photography, spending time with family, and traveling. For example, the month of June will be full of travel adventures. We are visiting family in New York City, speaking at the Tiny House Fair in Vermont, and at the end of June we are moving to Chico.

In preparation for our upcoming adventures, I’m completing work projects in advance. For instance, I’m finalizing my summer photography course — Everyday Magic. This mini-course is a condensed version of my three-week class. If you want to learn photography basics or need to infuse your photography practice with new ideas, register on Monday, June 10th.

Are you traveling this summer? Dreaming big? Or taking lots of photos? Tell me about your summer plans in the comments section.

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