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Tiny House News: Moving to Red Bluff


Over the last seven years, we’ve moved six times. I don’t think of myself as nomadic, yet I can’t deny that we move a lot. On Sunday, May 5th, we moved again! We hooked up our tiny house to my mom’s Ford F350 and headed south to her place in Red Bluff, CA.

The Why Behind Our Move

There were a few reasons we decided to move away from Portland last year. In short, my dad died and Logan’s job was moved to Boston. Leaving Portland wasn’t an easy decision, but we followed our instinct and moved back to California. For the last eight-months we’ve been living on my in-laws ranch, outside Yreka, California. Originally, we were going to stay at the ranch for a few months and then move to Chico. But we liked the ranch so much we decided to give rural living a try.

It was a great experience. I loved living next door to my in-laws and the ranch is incredibly beautiful. However, there are drawbacks to living in such a rural area. It was hard for Logan to find paid work and I felt isolated. After a lot of thoughtful consideration we decided to move to Chico.

In the interim, we are staying with my mom in Red Bluff. She needs help with a few projects like decluttering the house, putting in a new fence, starting a garden, and going through my dad’s belongings. The lot we are going to rent in Chico won’t be ready until the summer and Red Bluff is a perfect transition place for us. It will be easier for Logan to interview for teaching positions in Chico and we can help my mom out. Currently, we are parked in my mom’s driveway and we live about 10 miles outside of Red Bluff, in an area called “The Bend.” It’s sort of like a suburb, but more spread out. It’s close to the Sacramento River and we have a lovely view of Mt. Lassen.

Questions and Answers

I’ve received a lot of inquires about the tiny house move. Below are a few of the commonly asked questions that have been posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Did you prepare for the move? A few weeks ago, we turned our house around and packed our books, mason jars and other goodies. I’m glad we prepared because it made the moving weekend less stressful.

Did you get any funny looks on the highway? I loved seeing people’s reactions as we drove down Highway 5! Lots of folks did double takes, took pictures of the little house, and gave us the thumbs up sign. It was awesome and made me want to go on a tour with the tiny house, just to make people smile.

The funnest part of the move was getting a text message from my brother in-law, Tyler. He was at the Anderson outlets, with his wife Tina and the kids, when he saw our tiny house going down the freeway. It was a serendipitous sighting! They ended up coming over for a tiny happy hour after their errands.

How are the cats doing? They are doing good. On the way to Red Bluff, they rode with us in the cab of the truck, in their carriers. Earlier today, Elaina, our grey cat, had a little supervised play time in the yard. Christie, on the other hand, has taken very tentative steps outside the house.

When I brought Christie home with me — ten years ago — she wouldn’t come out of her carrier for hours and it took her three days to explore the living room. When I brought Elaina home, she cased the entire apartment in 30-minutes. Some things don’t change.

Will you still cycle everywhere? Until we move to Chico, we will be sharing a car with my mom to get to and from town. In this part of Red Bluff you literally can’t bike into town. Part of the route includes a stretch of Highway 5 and bikes are not allowed on the freeway. Unfortunately, because of the Sacramento river, there is no other way into Red Bluff and for now car-sharing with my mom is a good solution.

Parting Words

Prior to our move, I felt anxious. Moving is always challenging. It’s difficult to uproot and leave certainty behind. However, as our moving date approached I felt at ease and happy with our decision to uproot again. I haven’t lived in Red Bluff since I was teenager and being at my childhood home feels good. Plus, Logan and I are CSU, Chico Alumni and we can’t wait to explore Chico as “adults.”

Audio Love & Photos

Below is a photo round-up of the tiny house move and an audio recording. Listen to the audio below or click here to download the segment.


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