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Two Cats, a Crazy Dog and a Tiny House


Every time we move, our cats adapt to the new environment quickly. Both cats are slowly exploring their new home and they seem to like my mom’s place. Although, they have to deal with my mom’s rambunctious dog, Henry. He’s a five-year old Australian Shepard with a lot of energy. In addition, my mom has cats. Sable, a fifteen year old girl, and an “adoptee.”

The adopted cat has been hanging around the house for the last year. My mom feeds him, but he still didn’t have a name when we arrived on Sunday. I decided to start calling him Mr. Dude. Over the last few days, the cats have sniffed, hissed, and chased each other. We’ve been supervising their play and have a squirt bottle handy, just in case a fight breaks out.

Currently, we are parked in my mom’s drive-way and when I open my front door, I look at my mom’s house. The drive-way resembles a half-moon and there are big shrubs between the house and the street. We have enough privacy and the street isn’t busy, so I’m not worried about the cats getting hit by a car. Plus, they stay close to us. For instance, as I type these words, I’m sitting on my front porch and I have one cat on each side of me. They are loving the spring weather!


Our french doors open to the side yard. It’s a sweet little spot because the grass is green and my mom has a rose garden that sits on the side of the big house. Beyond the beautifully manicured lawn is a little orchard filled with orange trees and the RV garage. The garage is where my parents stored their 30-foot long fifth wheel. My mom sold the fifth wheel right before my dad died, last year. Now it's empty. The cats are digging the orchard and the RV garage. Before I started writing this article, they were patrolling the area.


Across the street, there is a big open field that Christie was romping in this morning. (So much for supervised play.)


My mom’s house sits on one-acre and in addition to the side yard, she has a huge back-yard, with a pool and a garden. Henry — my mom’s crazy dog — owns the backyard. When Henry is in the backyard, the cats stay away. Henry likes to herd cats, birds, and neighborhood dogs. The cats aren’t fond of Henry’s behavior and they don’t like his loud bark.


For now, it seems like the cats and the dog have sorted out their territories and segregated themselves. It’s been great to watch the cats explore their new environment, and since we can tow our tiny house with us, it’s nice that they don’t have to adjust to a new home. If they get scared or hear Henry barking, they run right into the little house. Both cats know it’s their safe space.

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