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A Tiny House Mini-Move in Siskiyou


I spent a few hours on Sunday morning cleaning the tiny house and packing mason jars, food, and books, while Logan made sure the Powermover was working. We bought the Powermover for our move in 2011 and it’s been a great tool!

After I finished packing, we used the Powermover for a mini-move. We turned the house around to prepare for our upcoming move to Red Bluff. It will be easier to hook the tiny house up to my mom’s monster truck with the house turned.

Once we got the Powermover set-up, it took less than 20 minutes to turn the house around. Now, our picture window frames Mt. Shasta perfectly! I love the new angle of our home.

I’m really excited about the move and I’m also anxious and sad. Moving is never easy and last night I questioned our move. I’m thankful Logan talked some sense into me.

He said, “It’s natural to be scared. But we’ve thought about this decision backwards and forwards for months. We are doing the right thing and we can always come back. I need a job, your mom needs help at her place, and you need to be around more people. We’ve made the decision, so strap on your seatbelt and get ready for the ride.”

I loved Logan’s advice and I slept better after our talk. This week, I’m going to prep for my upcoming writing class and I’m going to make time to enjoy Little Shasta.

And last but not least, yesterday, we recorded an impromptu audio segment. Listen to the audio clip here.

In the audio, I mentioned Logan's blog and our Powermover. For more on information on our Powermover, check out these resources:

Enjoy the photos from Sunday's mini-move.


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