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I’m Tammy Strobel. Welcome to my digital home!

I’m an author, photographer, and cat lover.

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Tiny House Notes


In 2012 — before we moved from Portland to Little Shasta — a crew from HGTV interviewed us for a television segment. The program aired on Extreme Homes a few months ago and it’s available to watch online! Check out the three-minute clip below or view the clip by clicking here.

Also, I organized my photo library last weekend and added more images to the tiny house photo gallery. You can view the gallery by clicking here.

And last but not least, I talked to my mom today about our upcoming move. She’s going to help us move the tiny house in May. She has a powerful truck — a Ford F350 — and I’m grateful she’s helping us move again. In early May, we’ll tow the house from Little Shasta to Red Bluff. Then in June or July, we will make the move to Chico; just in time for the summer heat. :)

I’m excited about the upcoming move to Chico, but I’m also sad to leave the ranch. My in-laws are wonderful neighbors and I’m going to miss seeing them everyday. However, it will be awesome to spend time with my mom and help her with household projects and it will be great seeing my brother and sister in-law more often.

In addition to the move, we have a few summer adventures planned. We’ll be speaking at the Yestermorrow Tiny House Fair, visiting a friend in Longview, WA, and hiking Mt. Lassen.



My Adventures in Digital Downsizing

Snail mail is the best!