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Everyday Magic: iPhone Photography Tips & Tools


Last week, I talked about my experiences using my iPhone camera. I received a wonderful response from readers and a lot of questions about how I use my iPhone camera. Today, I recorded an eight-minute audio blog to answer those questions. In addition, I discussed iPhone photography tips and tools. Listen in here . . .

If you can’t listen to the audio segment, below are the key points I covered:

  • When I take photos with my iPhone, I shoot with the native camera app.
  • After I’m done taking photos, I go through an editing process. I delete the bad photos and share the good ones on my blog and Instagram.
  • By experimenting with a wide variety of photo editing apps, I’ve found my photography style. I’ve tried all kinds of apps, including Camera+, Filterstorm, Hipstamatic, PhotoForge2, Picture Show and more. Currently, I’m using Snapseed and Afterglow to edit my iPhone photos.

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