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Happy Links to Start 2013


Since I began RowdyKittens in late 2007, I've been posting inspiring links every week. It's hard to believe I've been running this series for four years! I love sharing happy links with you and I hope you enjoy the weekend reading material too!

52 Changes for 2013.

Is your inbox clogged up? Check out Unroll.me.

Simplify the Internet.

The word.

Choosing joy in 2013.

Jumping gently into a brand new year.

I'm thrilled to be on Tim Maurer's 2013 personal finance reading list.

This tiny tricycle house lets you bring your home with you.

I love this: Dee Williams responds to YES! Magazine essay winners.

Towing a tiny house.


I was honored to be part of Think Out Loud’s year-end show. My interview segment is at the end of the broadcast.

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