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I’m Tammy Strobel. Welcome to my digital home!

I’m an author, photographer, traveler, and cat lover.

Hope you have a nice stay!

Everyday Magic

In my early twenties, I was in such a rush that I didn’t notice everyday magic, like the changing of seasons, the incredible colors at sunset, or the rain droplets left behind on leaves after a summer rain. Everyday magic was invisible to me and I wanted to find it again.

To do so, I brought my camera everywhere to record my everyday life. I reasoned that taking photos would help me slow down and notice the world around me. Taking photos, daily, helped me do both. And I want to help you learn that skill too.

In this three-week, self-guided course, I will teach you how to capture everyday magic with your digital camera. You'll also learn about composition, lighting, editing your photos, and more.

How my photography ecourse works . . .

  • Online & self-paced. You don't need to be online at a specific time because this is a self-paced course. You'll receive a daily photography lesson for the next three weeks, via email. Each week, we'll dive into a new theme and I'll offer tips and tools in each lesson that will help you become a better photographer.
  • Time. Since this is a self-pace course, you can set aside as much time to snap photos as your schedule allows. If you miss a day, that's okay. At the end of the class, you’ll receive a lovely PDF with all the course materials.
  • Needs. Since this is a photography ecourse, you’ll need access to a digital camera, a computer, and an email account. I believe you can take gorgeous photos with the camera you already own, so don't rush out and buy a new camera for this course! Feel free to email me at anytime throughout the class. Send notes to: tammy(at)rowdykittens(dot)com.
  • Sharing. We'll be using a private Facebook group to connect with one another and to share our photos. Feel free to share your photos on Instagram too. If you decide to share your work, on Instagram, use the hashtag #everydaymagic.

The themes . . .

Each week, we’ll focus on a theme and you’ll receive:

  • daily email that contains a photography lesson.
  • Inspiration boards.
  • Photo assignments.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group that will help you connect with other course members and me.

Week 1: Before the Shot. During the first week, we will examine why we take pictures and you’ll get to know your camera. We’ll also talk about how to spark your creativity and the importance of expressive photography.

Week 2: The Art of Composition. During week two, we will focus on how to use the camera you’ve got to capture magical images. We’ll also talk about how to find your photographic voice, lighting and other shooting conditions.

Week 3: Editing the Shot & Storytelling. During the final week, we will talk about photo editing tools, the importance of organizing your digital photos and other post-processing tips. We’ll also discuss storytelling, how to match images with essays, and more.

Important note:Throughout the course, I will give you lots of tips and tools to improve your photography practice. However, this is not a highly technical ecourse. We will cover photography basics, but I won’t be teaching you how to use your camera. 

Course details . . .

  • Next class: Winter 2013
  • Registration opens: December 3, 2012
  • Registration closes: January 3, 2013
  • Start date: Monday, January 7th, 2013
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Cost: $97.00

Go to the sign up form by clicking here. Then enter your name and email address. When you click the subscribe button, you’ll be directed to Amazon Payments to make your $97.00 payment.


If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email: tammy(at)rowdykittens(dot)com.

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