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Everyday Magic: Kittens, Baking & Snow


Over the past week, I’ve been snuggled up in the tiny house working, baking, and playing with my kittens. It’s been super cold at the ranch and most mornings have been either frosty or snowy, which makes our bike rides into town exceptionally frigid. Despite the cold weather, our bike rides were one of my favorite parts of the week.

The second highlight of the week was a date night with Logan. On Saturday night, we went to Ms. Lynn’s Teahouse in Montague and had a five course meal. To start off we enjoyed some bread and Brie, then moved on to a tomato-bisque soup, salad and for the main course I had a portobello mushroom wrapped in a puff pastry with cheese! Logan opted to have beef Wellington for his main course. We topped off the meal with tea, wine and a few amazing deserts. The lemon custard was the best! I could have eaten two dozen of those sweet little tarts.

The past week reminded me that happiness is all about savoring tiny pleasures, like snowy mornings and a wonderful date night.

Enjoy’s today photo round-up and tell me about your weekend in the comments section.

Tiny Beautiful Moments

Tiny Beautiful Moments

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