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Books that Will Inspire You


Last night it was damp, cold and rainy. It was the perfect evening to snuggle up in my loft and read a good book! I absolutely love to read because it opens my mind to new ideas. Plus, it’s an inexpensive form of entertainment.

Yesterday, while Logan and I were having lunch at Nature’s Kitchen I told him I wanted to write a post about the most inspiring books I read this year. And this morning Oprah gave me the push I needed. She was being interviewed on NPR about the re-launch of her book club.

In the interview, Oprah described how she loved discussing books with others. She noted:

“If you're reading a book and you tell two friends, it's better if 10 friends are reading it. And if you can get 10,000, even better."

Oprah explained that the reading experience was more fun when it was shared. In that spirit, I want to share the most inspiring books I read during 2012. I hope you’ll pick up a copy at your library, local bookstore or amazon.com.

Love & Loss

1. Wild 2. this i know 3. The Mercy Papers 4. The Living End 5. One Hundred Names for Love 6. To Love What Is


1. Daring Greatly 2. Tiny Beautiful Things 3. Quiet 4. How to Publish Your Book 5. The $100 Startup


1. Gone Girl 2. True Vines 3. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 4. A Discovery of Witches 5. The Mortal Instruments Trilogy


1. Instant Love 2. Expressive Photography 3. Snapp Shots


1. I Quit Sugar 2. My Stroke of Insight 3. Everyday Bicycling

Tiny Homes

1. Tiny Homes 2. Go House Go

What books inspired you this year? Leave a comment and share your recommendations. 

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