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Tiny House in a Wind Storm


On Sunday afternoon, Logan and I cycled from Yreka to the ranch because I was itching to get on my bike. I’d just spent a wonderful weekend with my mom, but I wanted to be outside in the fresh air.

By the time we cycled outside of Yreka, the wind starting picking up from the south. Since the wind was so strong, the journey home was a long two hour bike ride. Normally the ride from town to the ranch is just over an hour, but I’m not a very fast cyclist in the wind. Luckily, I had enough clothes with me and I was nice and toasty on the ride home.

Logan often quotes writer Joe “the metal cowboy” Kurmaskie by saying: “There is no such this as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” I don’t agree with that assessment anymore. Riding my bike in winds that are over 30 MPH is not fun or safe.

When we arrived at the ranch, I told Logan we made it home just in time because the wind really started howling and it didn’t stop until early Tuesday morning. The gusts were between 65-70 MPH and the tiny house held up really well in the storm. When strong wind gusts hit the house, I felt like we were on a boat. We weren’t in danger of blowing away or tipping over, but the house did shake and rock. I’m grateful that Dee and Katy designed and built such a sturdy little house. If I had built our little house, I’m sure it would have blown away in the storm.

After a few days of high winds the rain finally arrived on Tuesday morning. We were house bound, so I did a lot of work, reading, and I took a lot of photos. I'm grateful that I have such a cozy and safe home.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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