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Thanksgiving & Gratitude

I had a long and lovely holiday weekend! It was filled with lots of good food, conversations and bike riding fun. On Thanksgiving day, we pedaled into Yreka and volunteered at a soup kitchen serving and delivering Thanksgiving dinner to seniors in need. We spent the rest of the day hanging out with family. And we topped off the weekend with a holiday parade and lots of reading. Over the weekend, I thought a lot about gratitude because I was missing my dad and writing a gratitude list helped me feel less sad. I’ve discovered that writing a gratitude list, for five to ten minutes everyday, brings joy and happiness into my life.

Below is a portion of my gratitude list that I wrote during the holiday. I also included a few photos too.

My Gratitude List . . .

It’s been such a sad and happy year and I’m so grateful for my mom’s friendship and love. She is beautiful.


I’m grateful for a lovely Thanksgiving evening filled with good food, football games, and awesome photo opportunities.


I’m grateful for my sweet kittens and adorable baby cows.


I’m grateful for fun holiday parades and photo walks in Yreka.


I’m grateful for Logan, my amazing husband and best friend. He makes me laugh and smile everyday.


Nature & Beauty

Tiny House in a Wind Storm