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Vibram Cowboy


Since we moved to Northern California, Logan has been helping out around the ranch. He’s been rounding up cows, riding horses, and helping with other projects. He isn’t getting paid to help, but he’s getting something better: time with his family and the chance to be outside.

Yesterday, when Logan came home, we exchanged notes about our day. I told him about my bike ride into town to pick up the rental car and how I battled a headwind the whole way. I finally got a taste of Siskiyou County winds and they are crazy strong. Winter on the bike is going to be challenging. While I battled a headwind, Logan told me that he was riding in a beautiful green meadow rounding up cows. The scene sounded idyllic. He explained, “The meadow had lots of creeks, clear running water, tall green grass, and Aspens with golden leaves and white bark. There was a lot of sunshine and the temperature was perfect too.”

We talked a little bit more about our respective days and I asked Logan how his “new” cowboy boots felt. I don’t ride horses, but I’ve heard that it’s a whole lot easier to ride a horse with a good pair of boots and spurs. When we got to the ranch, Logan realized that his cowboy boots were starting to fall apart. There was a hole in the sole and the heel was worn down to the nails. Fifteen years of wear will do that to any shoe. Rather than buying a new pair of boots, we opted to ride our bikes into town and drop them off for repair at the local cobbler.

In the meantime, Logan needed some sort of shoe that he could put spurs on. To meet his needs, he rigged his old brown leather office shoes for his new work. He wrapped twine around the shoes to hold his spurs in place and it actually worked!

Luckily, Logan’s real cowboy boots were ready to be picked up earlier this week. When he walked into the cobbler shop he didn’t even recognize his own boots on the shelf. Gerry, the cobbler, repaired the boots he polished them as well. The boots look awesome and they have Vibram soles. According to Gerry, these soles will last longer and be more durable.

My hubby now has a new nickname around the ranch, they call him the Vibram Cowboy!

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