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PAD Tiny Houses


Today, I have fun news to share with you. My friend Dee Williams recently launched a new website that features her awesome company, Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD). Dee designed my tiny house and PAD makes an appearance in my new book. Below is a note from Dee about her new website and some news about and an upcoming tiny house workshop:

“In the past couple of months, my company Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD) has been working on a new look and focus. We recently reorganized, and now will offer more workshops and consulting services.


Our first ‘Build it Tiny’ workshop is coming up this November 10th. We’ll focus on practical solutions for some of the more challenging little house conundrums: where to place/park your tiny house, code enforcement, insurance, electrical hook-ups, wastewater and (drum roll please…) toilets!  The workshop will provide detailed information from local experts, and a great opportunity to meet others in the tiny house community. It will be an awesome opportunity to further flesh out the details for your little house, and to sort through some of the hard-knuckle decisions associated with a tiny house.

And in the spring, folks can join us for another workshop: a hands-on, tool wielding weekend workshop focused on building a little house!”

Logan and I attended a workshop, that was taught by Dee and Katy Anderson, before we built our tiny house. The knowledge we gained from the workshop was immensely helpful to our tiny house planning process.

Be sure to check out Dee’s new website and attend a workshop. You’ll love it!

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