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The Farm Store


Soon after we moved to the ranch, Logan’s mom told us about a cute little farm called, Mt. Shasta Naturally Grown, that’s close to the little house. Last week, we finally pedaled over to the store, chatted with the owner and bought a lot of fresh produce.

Dave and his wife started the farm store after they retired and moved to the valley. As we talked about their monster garden, I asked Dave about the cute little cabin near the store. Dave went on to tell us that the cabin was moved onto the property and restored a few years ago. Apparently, there were a dozen little cabins, on his property, that a Mennonite community lived in during the 1850s. I don’t know what happened to the other cabins on the property. Next time I pedal over to the store I’ll ask.

Now, Dave rents the cabin regularly. He also has a larger and more modern cottage on the property that he rents to artists who want to spend an extended period of time in the area. Logan remarked that it’s a great space for artists because it’s quiet, the views are amazing and they have access to very yummy food ten feet from their front door.

And speaking of yummy food, check out the loot we purchased last week:


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