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I’m Tammy Strobel. Welcome to my digital home!

I’m an author, photographer, and cat lover.

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A look inside my journal . . .

Last week, Scott asked me . . .

“What do you put in your journals? This probably sounds kinda silly. But do you keep to-do lists, daily journal entries, notes from lectures and reading, ideas for books and writing, etc. all in one journal or do you keep separate journals for specific things? Maybe you could take a few pictures of your journal pages and share them with us.”

Earlier this week, I was journaling at the Urban Grind Coffee House and snapped a few photos of my journal for Scott . . .


As you can see my journal is filled with all kinds of content including, lists, mind-maps, personal letters as well as first drafts of blog posts. Everything goes into one journal because I organize things by date and I also dog-ear important entries.

Typically, I write in my journal everyday; sometimes the entry is short and other days it might be ten pages long. Journaling is a key part of my writing practice because it keeps me honest. I’m more likely to write from my heart and less likely to edit my words when I’m writing with a pen.

If you don’t keep a journal, I’d encourage you to give it a try. It’s an inexpensive, dynamic medium. For example, you can create mind-maps or draw in your journal. Remember you don’t have to fill your journal with words; it can be a place for sketches, art, or quotes. Write (or draw) what makes you happy.

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