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An Ode to Sugar

Ever since my step-dad, Mahlon, passed away I’ve been eating a lot of sugar. In the weeks after his death, the only food I felt like eating included fruit, flavored yogurt, and scones. My drink of choice? Frappuccinos.

In short, my diet has been sugar heavy and if I’m really honest with myself — and you — it’s been this way since Mahlon had his first stroke in January. By March, I noticed how horrible my eating habits were and considered quitting sugar. I finally decided to give the challenge a try after my friend Vic emailed me. We decided to do this as a team and to hold each other accountable during the next few months.

So on Sunday, July 1, my no-sugar plan began. I went to the co-op and loaded up on eggs, nuts, coconut flakes, cheese and more. The first week of the program is all about scaling back on the amount of sugar you eat. I love this strategy because I don’t accept outright eating bans well and it gives me time to start developing a new habit. As Sarah says, “This first week is about a few easy, simple changes that aren’t too detailed or complicated, but that get you aware of options.”

I’ll be following Sarah Wilson’s no-sugar plan, gauging how the experience feels and writing about it too. I have a feeling that it will be good for both my body and mind.

Have you ever given up sugar? Share your story in the comments section.

A Day in the Life with No Sugar

It's hard to believe . . .