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A Day in the Life with No Sugar


I’ve been off the sweet stuff since July 1 and so far this little experiment is going smoothly. The first week is all about easing into the challenge and I’ve had a little bit of sugar, like honey on my granola and a few apples too. But that’s a whole lot better than drinking a Frappuccino for lunch! I’ve observed a few things about myself this week. First off, I tend to crave sugar when I’m upset. For example, I cried when I uploaded photos of my dad to the blog. Scrolling through the photos brought back so many happy memories. The photos made me think about how much Mahlon loved sugar. He loved cherry milkshakes, ice cream, and all forms of chocolate. The last time we were in Lake Tahoe we both ate giant cherry ice cream cones, while watching the sunset over the lake. I miss those moments.

Second, I’m not experiencing so many blood sugar crashes. When I ate a lot of sugar, I would get really tired around 10 a.m. and reach for something sweet. A sweet treat, like a cookie, would help me get through my mid-morning slump. Now I eat a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds or go for a bike ride.

A few of you have asked me what I’ve been eating and I thought it would be fun to share one of my sample menus from the week:

Breakfast: One cup of no sugar granola, from Sarah’s book, with a cup of coffee.

Lunch: One avocado, four slices of cheese and one corn tortilla. I also cut up an apple and spread peanut butter on the apple slices.

Snack: A half cup of granola, with tea.

Dinner: Chickpea stir-fry. Last weekend, I bought a few cans of chickpeas for a fun stir-fry. Making this stir-fry is super easy. First, I coated my cast-iron pan with olive oil and let the pan heat up for a few minutes. This prevents the food from sticking to the pan. While the pan heated up, I chopped up an onion. Then, I tossed the onion and chickpeas into the pan and added a little bit of salt and pepper too. As the chickpeas and onion cooked, I cut up an avocado and feta cheese to go on top of the dish. The meal took 15 minutes to prepare and it was very yummy.

If you have no sugar recipes, please share them in the comments section.

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