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Why I’m Keeping My Old Journals


A few weeks ago, a reader asked me . . .

"Do you hold onto your old journals? And where do you store them?”

For years I shredded my old journals because it was a cathartic exercise; it was a way of letting go of old stories, horrible first drafts, and negativity. Earlier this year, I decided to start keeping my journals because they hold a lot of notes and ideas for my next book. The book idea is still developing and nothing is set in stone, but I want to be able to refer to those journals in the future.

Right now I’m storing my journals in “my office.” My office is a small cabinet space in our little house. It’s a shelf in our kitchen where I keep odds and ends, like my camera, knitting stuff, stationary, 3x5 cards, and empty mason jars too. I don’t have much stuff, so storing my journals isn’t a problem (at least not yet). They don’t take up much space and I can tuck them away and pull them out when I need to refer to them.

What do you do with your old journals? 

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