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Writing through Sadness + eCourse News


The last few weeks have been filled with crying jags, weight-loss, and not much sleep. Despite all the sadness, a lot of good things have happened too. Since my dad’s death, I’ve received an out-powering of support from close friends, family, and many blog readers too. For example, I’ve gone on a few lunch dates with a few girlfriends and over the weekend I helped a friend move her tiny house. I’m incredibly thankful to have so many people in my life who listen and constantly remind me to take care of myself. In addition to hanging out with good friends, I’ve been writing a lot. The act of taking out my pen and telling stories in my little pink notebook has been incredibly healing and it’s saved me from a whole lot of tears. I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on my upcoming writing ecourse, Writing in the Digital Age: A Creative Guide to Writing Anywhere.

Since I’ve received so many inquires about the my ecourse, I decided to open up an early wave of registration. Over the next three days, you can register early for the ecourse and receive a 20% discount. Plus, if you sign-up early you’ll receive a surprise in your inbox!

Early registration will close on Thursday June 28, 2012 at 9am PST and the second wave of registration will open on July 23, 2012. The course starts on August 6, 2012. To learn more about the course, click here.

And last but not least, I’ve started working on an idea for another print book. The idea is still rough, but I’m planning on writing about a few themes including self-care, compassionate caregiving, and grief, using my story as a narrative. If you have any suggested readings on this topic — either books or academic articles — please share them in the comments section.

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