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Rainbows & Cowboys 


After spending the weekend taking photos of family and sneaking around the campfire taking pictures of cowboys, I drove down to Red Bluff with my mom. We ended up spending Monday evening observing a huge thunder and lightening storm. After two hours of listening to rolling thunder, watching lightening, and running around in the rain with my camera I captured a double rainbow! Capturing the rainbows with my camera reconnected me to an old memory; I thought about all the times I spent watching thunder storms with my mom as a kid.

Each photo that I take contains a memory and story. As David duChemin said, “Photographs are more than images. They are connections, and memories. They are, some of them, powerful beyond words. These photographs will remain some of the most valuable things I own. If, then, photographs hold moments, then best we don’t let those moments pass us by. Photograph the ones you love, none of them, nor us, last as long as we want."

If you want to start capturing memories, with photos, bring your camera everywhere and take lots of shots. Also, ask other photographers how they compose their photos, read about photography, and join online communities, like instacamp.

Remember, you don’t need a fancy camera to capture life’s lovely details. All you need is a little bit of patience and a whole lot of practice.

For more photo goodness from my weekend adventure, take a look at the photo gallery below.

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