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Why I Loved "The $100 Startup"


It’s hard to believe I’ve been working for myself since January 2010. A lot of people helped me make the transition from my day job to self employment, including Logan, my family and all of you! But one person, in particular, inspired me to start thinking about taking the big leap into the land of self-employment and that person is Chris Guillebeau. When I read his free guide, 279 Days to Overnight Success, I started to rethink my work life and more importantly I started taking small steps that enabled me to leave my day job.

The thing I love about Chris’ writing - both on his blog and in his new book, The 100 Startup, - is that it’s conversational and he doesn’t sugar coat anything; including the idea of making money from your passion.

Running a small business isn’t easy and it requires a lot of hard work. But in my opinion, the benefits outweigh potential costs. Besides, doing work you love is fun and rewarding. For instance, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m working from home. I’m sitting in my loft, editing my manuscript, and loving every minute of it. And later today I’ll re-read a few chapters in Chris’s book.

In my experience, a little knowledge can go a long way. Reading books has opened my mind to new perspectives, ideas, and they have helped me start my own small business too. If you’re thinking of starting a small business but don’t know where to begin, go buy a copy of The 100 Startup today!

What books have had a significant impact on your life? Leave your thoughts in the comments section . . . 

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{Full disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book a few weeks ago.} 

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