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Two Fun Words: Bike Camping

On Saturday morning Logan and I packed up our camping stuff and headed out on a bike camping trip with our friends Russ and Laura. We met Russ and Laura, in 2009, when we were still living in Sacramento. They were in the midst of a cross country bike touring trip and we offered to host them at our tiny apartment and we’ve been friends ever since.

Saturday was perfect for a long ride; the sun kept poking through the clouds and it wasn’t too hot. It was in the high sixties, with a light breeze. We left Portland around 9 a.m. and made our way to L. L. Stub Stewart State Park. We took the MAX from Portland to Hillsboro and then rode twenty miles through winding country roads, past blueberry farms, dairy cows, and flowering fields to the tiny town of Banks. The we rode up the Banks-Vernonia trail. It was lovely!

Taking off for an overnight bike camping adventure was just what I needed. The trip cleared my mind and helped us sort through a few decisions. A few weeks ago, I alluded to upcoming changes and during our pedaling adventure Logan and I created an action plan. I’ll share all the details with you later this week.

Pedaling along the country roads and up the trail was a blast! On our ride to Stub Stewart we passed dozens of cyclists and the campground was filled with approximately twenty bike tourists. Bike camping is catching on in Oregon!

A few of my favorite trip highlights included: taking lots of photos, laughing at Russ’s camera on a stick (that’s how he got so many awesome shots in the video above), two boys making a campfire, waking up to the pitter padder of rain on the tent wall, and a second breakfast at Banks Cafe on Sunday morning.

I created an inspiration board to share some of my favorite photos from the weekend. I hope you like it and decide to give bike camping a try this summer! If you aren’t sure where to start, read this post and be sure to check out Russ and Laura’s website too.


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