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7 Things I've Been Meaning to Tell You


My friend and business partner Courtney Carver recently published a lovely post, titled I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You. I decided to follow Courtney’s lead and write something similar. I have a lot to share, but each update isn't long enough for a full blog post. Together these updates make a fun list of things I've been meaning to tell you.

1. The book.

Two weeks ago I received edits from a copyeditor at New World Library, for my book. And over the last few weeks I’ve been an editing machine. Yesterday, I turned in the latest revision of my manuscript and I met my deadline too! I’m thankful that the lastest round of edits is done. Today is Logan’s birthday and I’ll be able to celebrate with him rather than working (or thinking about work).

2. Willie Weir.

Last weekend, our friends Russ and Laura invited us to a talk given by Willie Weir at the Bike Gallery in downtown Portland. His presentation was wonderful! Willie is a world traveler, writer, and storyteller. After his talk, I invited Willie and his wife Kat to the tiny house for Sunday breakfast. Unfortunately Kat couldn’t make it because she was sick, but we had a lovely time talking with Willie about his travels and showing off the tiny house too. If you have a chance read, Travels with Willie. It inspired me to go bike camping!

3. TEDxCUPortland.

In addition to meeting Willie Weir, last weekend, I attended TEDxCUPortland. The event was wonderful! We carpooled to the event with my friend Dee, listened to amazing speakers, caught up with friends, and reunited with a few of last years speakers. Last year I had the honor of emceeing TEDx and it was a blast. This year I enjoyed being an attendee.

4. Quiet.

Yesterday, the universe seemed to know I was done with my book edits and subsequently gave me the perfect day to bicycle and read. After sitting in the sun and sipping coffee at Cloud 7, I pedaled over to Powell’s and bought Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking.

5. Photo fun.

I’m no longer sending out my daily photo and note. However, I’m still taking lot of pictures and posting them to Instagram, Google+, and to the blog. And once a week I send inspiring desktop wallpapers to email subscribers.

6. Your Lovely Life.

Our course, Create Space, has been going great. We’ve received a lot of wonderful feedback from participants and we’ll announce our next lovely course soon. If you’re interested in hearing more, be sure to sign-up for our email list.

7. Caregiving & thank you.

My dad is constantly on my mind and I’m excited that I will be able to see both of my parents at the end of the month. Helping my mom with caregiving makes me happy and I’m thankful my job is portable.

Since my dad’s first stroke in January, I’ve received hundreds of emails from readers wishing my dad and family well. He needs all the positive energy he can get and I appreciate every heartfelt note sent my way. Thank you!

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