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Two Feet


To get picture you see above, I had to walk across the Bend Bridge near my parents place in Red Bluff. The bridge is fairly wide, long, and it carries many cars over the Sacramento River. Logan was with me on a photo walk and getting him to walk across the bridge was hard work.

As we walked toward the bridge Logan said, “It seems dangerous. The shoulder isn't that wide!"

"Ohh come on,” I said. “My mom and I bike across this all the time. It seems like you'll go anywhere on your bike, but when you start walking on your own two feet you become risk adverse."

Logan smiled and said, "You know me so well."

"Okay then. Let's walk across the bridge. I want to get a picture of Mt. Lassen and the Sacramento river."

This tiny conversation got me thinking about fear. For a long time I was afraid of selling my car, giving away my stuff, and even moving into my tiny house. I was sacred of making big lifestyle changes and afraid of what others would think of me. I still get scared, but now I think about where my own two feet can take me. Usually, I end up in a better place and a whole lot happier.

What are you scared of and why?

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