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RVs versus Tiny Homes

Last month, I was contacted by an author who is writing a book about tiny homes for kids. I wanted to share one question & response from the interview because many readers have emailed me the exact same inquiry.

Question: Why did you decide to live in a tiny house instead of an RV?

Answer: Well, there are a number of reasons and they include cuteness, durability and cost.

First off, there is the cuteness factor. My little house is designed like a real house with a gabled roof and a porch, it just happens to be on wheels. In contrast, most RVs are designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic for frequent towing travel and don't have the same aesthetic appeal.

Second, I learned that most RVs are designed for three-season camping use. We realized that the insulation and the durability of most RVs would not meet our needs.

Finally my little house cost $31,000, for a custom designed dwelling, and that's a whole lot less expensive than a brand-new RV.

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